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Yes. We handle the application for your pergola from start to finish.

All our systems are engineer-certified but any customised designs or extra components (such as footings, foundations, customised brackets, extra beams) need council approval and certification.

We keep up-to-date with council requirements and regulations and will keep you informed on your pergola project progress throughout the approval process.

Every job and every council is different and each patio roof project should be treated individually.

A rule of thumb is that any project over $20 000 in value or which involves a surface area over 25sqm requires a building licence.

We can apply for that licence (there is an added cost) and we will manage the whole process. For most residential jobs, we draw up the plans in-house and submit the application. We will require a copy of your house plans to support this application, and will advise you if other information/documents are required by the council.

Council approval for a pergola generally take between 3-5 weeks, but the timing is variable depending on how many applications are in the system. We always aim to submit comprehensive applications with a full set of documentation so as to avoid delays, but unfortunately we have no control over the process.

If a builder is appointed, then the application for a building licence has to be submitted to the Building Commission for approval. This generally takes a further two weeks. We can do this for you too.

Each project is unique and timing will depend on the individual circumstances of the job.
The average production time for a retractable pergola job is between five and eight weeks (once council approvals are in place) but more complex projects and commercial applications generally require a longer turnaround time.

Pergola projects do take a bit longer when structural engineers, draftspeople, builders and other outsourced professionals are involved. However, we will explain all of this when we do your initial measure and quote so that there are no unexpected surprises.

Yes! Our 3D representations are one of our most popular innovations as they give an excellent perspective of the concept. Clients and other professionals who will be involved in the patio roof project get a good understanding of the system, the surrounding areas and what the finished product will look like in situ.

Our team has a wealth of experience in large commercial projects involving outdoor blinds, patio roofs and retractable roof systems in Perth. These include The Reveley in Elizabeth Quay, the Universal Bar in Northbridge and several restaurants in Fremantle including Bib & Tucker, the Sail & Anchor and Bistro 21 to name just a few.

We have strong relationships with building companies and have worked extensively with many of the leading small to medium sized enterprises including Jaxon Construction and Pact Construction.

Some of our previous projects were challenging but successful, thanks to teamwork and precise attention to detail. Some of the more challenging projects included lifting a roof system up four-storeys using a crane, customising beams and frames to support the customer’s vision for a unique retractable roof system and creating complex 3D walkthrough concepts.

All our products are made from high quality, hard-wearing materials for long-lasting performance in West Australia’s harsh climate.

Our profiles are made from architectural-grade aluminium and the majority of the components are manufactured from UV-stabilised plastic and rust-proof stainless steel.
All hardware is powder-coated with a range of colour choices.
Our fabrics are manufactured from weather-proof PVC plastic and come with a 15-year manufacturers’ warranty.

All our retractable roof systems, outdoor blinds, louvred roofs and awnings are locally made in Australia. Some of the component parts are from international suppliers to ensure world-class quality standards.



All our patio roof systems come with a four-year warranty.

For the first 12 months, we provide comprehensive warranties on all components as well as on installation. Thereafter, we charge a call-out fee of $150 and will attempt to resolve any issue immediately. If further intervention is required, we finalise a solution as quickly as possible.

Many of our commercial clients take advantage of our six-monthly service option whereby we maintain the system to optimal standards and proactively replace any worn or wearing parts.

 Yes. Provided the system has customised flashings, they will be fully watertight.

Moreover, our systems are the only ones in Australia to have a wind rating to 117km/h, making them ideal for any weather conditions. Our retractable roof systems and outdoor blinds in Perth are expertly designed for year-round use and will provide watertight protection against wind, rain, sun and glare.

We only use Somfy Motors as they are the global leaders in this industry.
From our experience, we know that these motors are reliable, powerful, smooth and quiet and come in a range of options to suit all applications. All Somfy motors come with a five-year warranty and are well supported by an excellent technical team. Motors can be connected to Cbus systems using either a standard 12V outdoor GP outlet or hardwiring. We can arrange for a certified electrician to set up the system or work with a client-appointed tradesperson.

All our retractable roof systems come with optional LED lighting. We provide each system with the appropriate transformers.

Innovative technology allows the lighting to be programmed and operated through the same remote as the motor - and there are customisable options for dimming lights, changing colours etc.

The majority of our retractable roof systems have their own internal plumbing. This allows rainwater to be captured and the roof to be watertight.

Depending on the individual pergola installation, water run-off can be directed into a swimming pool, into a specially constructed well or directly into a garden bed.

We will discuss all options with you during your free measure-and-quote meeting. Depending on the size of the project and the specific requirements, we will arrange the council approvals if necessary.

Our systems are wind-rated to 117km/h, which means they are specifically designed to withstand high winds.

However, each job is different when it comes to working out wind ratings. We know how crucial it is to consider the width of the roof, the projection, heights and the prevailing winds in situ when working out the best solution and all of our systems are certified by a structural engineer.

It is important to choose a retractable roof system or outdoor blinds that are suitable for your particular location. We believe the best way to ensure that your system will stand up to inclement weather is to fit a wind or motion sensor which will automatically retract the awning completely in windy conditions. (This is only possible with an electronically operated system).

Our products are available in over 35 colours plus we have a wide choice of weather-resistant fabrics to suit any application. You can decide whether you want a block-out fabric, translucent or see through but which still allows you privacy.

Most of our fabrics come with a 10-year manufacturers’ warranty.

See these fabrics at Optus Stadium in Perth and Durban Airport in South Africa.

We’re based in Perth but we have national reach.

Our pergola systems have been installed in homes and businesses throughout Australia and we’re also able to service regional towns and rural areas.

We have ‘covered’ just about all of Western Australia from Rottnest Island to Exmouth, Broome to Kalgoorlie, Esperance to Geraldton, Mandurah to Margaret River and will happily provide you with visuals of completed projects to help you make informed decisions.

For all local areas, we offer a free measure and quote.

If you live more than a few hours away from Perth, we endeavour to get as much information about the patio roof project as possible over the phone and via email so that we can give you a comprehensive quote on a solution to support your vision. Photos are a great help!

To give you an estimated quote, we need to know what you are trying to achieve with your retractable roof, louvre roof, awnings or outdoor blinds, the size of the area you would like to cover, what needs to be done in terms of fixing points etc.

All estimation quotes are subject to a final onsite measure and quote.

All our systems are designed to handle the harsh elements experienced in Australia and don’t need extensive maintenance. In the same way that you would look after your car, we would encourage you to give your

Retractable product a regular wash with soapy water and keep all moving parts well lubricated.

If your pergola system includes an integrated gutter system, we would also recommend that you keep these clear of any debris such as fallen leaves.


The tension from the spring-loaded arms keeps the fabric tensioned at all times.

All folding arm awnings are designed predominantly for shade. Retractables awnings are strong and durable, our awnings can handle different wind speeds depending on the size, projection and application. We always recommend adding a sensor to your awning for peace of mind.

Our Folding arm awnings can be operated manually (cranked) or motorised. We always recommend to motorise all awnings over 4 meters.

Yes, we customize the width and projection of your awning and we also have over 150 different fabrics to choose from and a wide range of powder coat colours. We also custom fabricate all types of different brackets for different types of applications.


We work towards a 6 week turnaround period from deposit to install. This is subject to change at times, depending on the season and/or time of year.


A full cassette hood box is an awning that is protected from the elements in a powder-coated cover.



We supply to both the residential and commercial market. Retractable has been apart of some big projects across Australia, we also provide the same quality of service to the residential Awning market. No job is too big or small.



Depending on the fabric will depend on how waterproof your awning will be. Our awnings to block out rain and our folding arm awnings can be watertight depending on the application and size of the awning. We also recommend winding our awning in heavy winds and rain.

All awnings are designed predominantly for shade. If you require a product that can blook out all rain and withstand strong winds, then we suggest looking at our



We have supplied our Folding arm awnings as a DIY package for those how are confident and have experience in building. We have supplied our awning as DIY to builders, patio companies and to homes in regional areas. We offer support but do not offer our 5-year warranty on the installation of the awning.

We also supply DIY Outdoor blinds.




Folding Arm Awnings are not fixed structures therefore do not require council approval



Clear PVC fabric is a full block out of all-weather, we use a marine grade PVC that also can come as a tinted fabric. We only offer 2 years on our clears as they tend to scratch and stain over time. If you want absolutely no rain at all then this is your fabric, however, we highly recommend mesh for most applications.

Our mesh fabric come in a wide range of different colours, we have 2 types to choose from. A 99% block out and a 94% block out that we sell to 90% of all our clients. The 96% block out fabric means it has a 6% open factor meaning that when high pressured rain drives in there's a chance that it will allow some mist to drive through.

The darker the colours the better the view you will get out, this fabric is great for all year round use and also offers privacy. We high frequency weld all our blind pockets meaning there will be no sewn-in cotton that will deteriorate over time.

The more fabric you have on your blind the less wind it can handle. This also depends on the direction the blind and how exposed the blind is too high winds.

Our perfect size blind would be around the 3-meter wide mark with a 2.4-meter drop. All our blinds are made strong and can handle tough weather but it really comes down to common sense.

All our blinds are suited to coastal areas providing you keep regular maintenance. Our fabric is a Marian grad PVC, our extrusions are made in Australia from Australian aluminium, we use UV treated plastic components and marine grade stainless steel.

We find either zinc coated or galvanised screws are the best in terms of strength, however, we do recommend you either spray them with anti-corrosion and or spray them afterwards with exterior paint.

You can use stainless steel fixing, but be careful when over tightening them.

Our blinds reduce mosquitos but we would never say that they will 100% be keeping them out. We would recommend the HD plus Blind for best results for this application.

All our blinds are 100% Australian made right here in Western Australia.

Motorised will impress your friends, however, it's completely optional and up to your preference.

Easy motorised is easier and would probably tension the blind a tiny bit more but don’t be shy to go manual, there are gearboxes are designed for easy use with no fiction.

Can you have different colours for different blinds? Both options come with a 5-year warranty and both really simple to operate.

Are blinds are designed to handle the harsh climate of Australia and they don’t need either a back angel or hood box. Both these options are completely optional. The back angle to finish of the back part of the blind and the hood box for those who like the look of the blind being fully closed.

We span up to 5.8 meters wide and can have the drop up to 4 meters. Each blind has our recommendation on the suitable sizes that they should be made too. 

Simple, treat these blinds like your brand new car,  soapy water and a hose down. for coastal areas, this should be done once every 6 to 8 weeks.