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Our range of high-quality outdoor blinds provide protection from the elements and increase privacy without compromising your view. Specially designed and manufactured to handle the challenges of the Australian climate, they are a cost effective and practical solution to comfortable, year-round outdoor living. Plus, all of our outdoor blinds are fully customisable. So, if you’ve got the space, we’ve got the solution!

Retractable outdoor's HD channel or Heavy Duty Channel outdoor blindslinds in Perth Western Australia

Retractable’s most popular product in the outdoor blind range, it is a stylish and strong system and is most commonly used in patios and alfresco areas of your home or business. This blind can be operated by either a Manual crank system with detachable handle or motorised using a Somfy handheld or wall mounted remote.

Guided by a 75mm x 3mm Gauge Aluminium Channel and secured using our very own reinforced aluminium bottom rail and pin locking system. The channels are a custom Retractable design allowing you to have multiple settings and maximum tension at all times. Spanning up to a maximum of 5.8m the HD blind is still our most reliable design.Recommended to compliment the HD Channel blind is our extensive range of HVG Mesh Extra, Ultra and Ferrari Soltis fabrics.


  • ✓ Span up to 5.8m
  • ✓ Manual or Motorised
  • ✓ Huge range of fabric options
  • ✓ Reduce UV, Heat & glare
  • ✓ Custom Bottom rail reduces bowing
  • ✓ Unlimited locking positions
  • ✓ With or without Hooding/PelmetCABIN BAR
Retractable outdoor's Crank and Clip Outdoor Blinds in Perth Western Australia

Retractable’s most versatile blind. Our go to blind for the more challenging install situations because of the simple yet functional design.This blind is most commonly operated by a Manual crank system with detachable handle however it can also be motorised using a Somfy handheld or wall mounted remote where it is difficult to use the manual system.

Fixing points can be along the ground using stainless steel floor plates and straps or easy to use swivel clips on either side of the blind. This blind can also double as a “Roof to Fence” blind. For example the blind could be fixed to your roofline and extend across to a boundary fence or wall providing shade and protection for plants, washing lines or a children’s play area.


  • ✓ Huge range of fabric options
  • ✓ Simple design is easy to use
  • ✓ With or without Hooding/Pelmet
  • ✓ Versatile
  • ✓ Span up to 5.8m
  • ✓ Manual or Motorised
Retractable outdoor's Roof to Fence Outdoor Blind in Perth Western Australia

Roof to fence blinds are simply a modified version of the crank and clip blinds. They can be fitted out on an angle from your fascia, patio or wall of your house. A small strap is usually fitted to the bottom rail instead of a clip with a stainless saddle fitted to a strong fence or wall.

We recommend keeping the span out to a fence or wall to no more than 2m. Being fully retractable means you can benefit from the shade roof to fence blinds provide in summer, and in the cooler months when they are not required, simply roll them up. We also offer water resistant solutions for protecting furniture in the winter months.

We can even offer a more cost effective version of roof to fence blinds using an annex track and strap.

Retractable outdoor's Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds

A modern streamlined design used mostly as an external window shade but also an excellent option for balconies and where a channel is not desirable.The Wire guided blind is most commonly operated with the Somfy remote system however it can still be used manually with a crank handle.

Guided by Stainless steel wires on either side of the bottom rail the blind can be set any desired level with no need to secure. However we do supply stainless steel clips if required.

Wire Guide blinds are great to keep the sun off the glass and dramatically reduce heat from your windows and house. They can be connected to sun sensors - so while you are at work they can be working at home to keep the heat out and reduce energy costs.


  • ✓ Span up to 5.6m
  • ✓ Manual or Motorised
  • ✓ With or without hooding/pelmet
  • ✓ Huge range of fabric options
  • ✓ Reduce UV, heat & glare from glass
  • ✓ Powder coated bottom rail
  • ✓ 316 grade stainless brackets & components
Retractable outdoor external window outdoor blind

External window blinds are a classic way to create shade and privacy around your windows.

One of the most popular choices is the classic style lock arm awning. This spring operated outdoor blind is fitted above the window with stainless steel rods and adjustable guides fitted down each side. A pelmet is usually fitted to protect the blind when retracted.

A modern alternative is the Archline awning which can be custom fitted to large windows as it works on a heavy duty pivot arm system operating on a 180 degree arch. This means it can be operated with either a crank or motorised system.

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